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Community Development

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The development and provision of an online Community Shop where you live is a vital component for the sustainability of the planet for this and future generations.  Within this model, we provide a dedicated social network for communities and a commitment to giving majority ownership of the associated tools and revenue streams to those communities.  This is a partnership model between local businesses and the citizens who live there, dedicated to transitioning to a shared wealth jointly owned between local businesses and the community.

Environment & Climate

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The development of our LocalitEEE platform has been designed to engage and evidence personal and community metrics from each local participating community in – Waste Prevention, Carbon Reduction, WEEE handling, Volunteer & Business Engagement, Repair & Reuse and Local Currency created by regular cash donations from one of our subsidiary companies.  A self financing Multi-App model for all aspects of community living, it will offer engagement and financial incentives for businesses and citizens committed to a sustainable consumption partnership.

Safety & Training

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The award winning EEESafe and White Goods Safety Standard, combined with its Training Qualification Course is a powerful model, driving safer repairs, recycling & skills into local communities.  EEESafe powers the innovative “Register Your Appliance” Safety Register that prevents the sale of used product recalls & provides safety alerts when a fire risk is identified. Uniquely, it helps prevent waste, builds used spares, links Landlords & tenants and passes goods to local people and charities who need them.

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